A dedicated team of
passionate in using science
to find solutions to Earth’s
pressing problems.

It all started when Co-Founder & CEO Eugene’s daughter, Sophie, suffered an allergic reaction to seafood. We are finding a way for people to get nutrients from the ocean without using the animals.

Since then, we have become the First FOOD TECH company using microalgae and patent pending technologies to develop 100% plant-based & sustainable alternatives protein for food industry.


The Team

Kirin Tsuei

CCO, Co-founder

20+ years in global
supplement companies

Eugene Wang

CEO, Co-founder

20+ years in food manufacturing

Dr. Olivia YA Dung


10+ years in start-ups development and
cross-cultural communication

Dr. Chen-Han Shih

Chief Scientific Officer

PhD. in Biosystems Engineering with
10+ years dedicated to microalgae R&D

Chloe Lin

Project Manager

5+ years of experience in project
management and marketing

Prof. Charles Greene

Chief Sustainability Officer

Associate Director for Research & Strategic Planning
at the University of Washington


Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk

CxO, Megadeals, Board Member, M&A, Technologist

Fabien Alexandre Reyjal

Managing Director at DENIS GROUP

Tammy Butterworth

Foresight & Global Front End Innovation

Douglas Huh

The PlantEat CCO & CSO


Growing foods and nutrients using BIOREACTORS is the future.

When we have over 9.8 billion population on this planet, conventional animal farming and agriculture will not be sufficient.

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