Sophie’s BioNutrients creates ice cream alternative with chlorella

Sustainable food tech company Sophie’s BioNutrients collaborated with the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) to make a chlorella-based, vegan-friendly ice cream.

The plant-based frozen dessert was produced using a dairy-free chlorella protein concentrate developed by Sophie’s BioNutrients, which grows microalgae to produce protein.

A B2B food technology company that operates between Singapore and the Netherlands, Sophie’s BioNutrients shared that its new product contains “a complete nutrition profile, and in combination with other functional ingredients mimics natural ice cream texture,” adding that the frozen dessert can be made in several popular ice cream flavors.

The company described its process for producing its microalgae flour as involving natural cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris, which is harvested within three days in a protected environment. It said the microalgae strains used also are US GRAS and European Food Safety Authority approved for use as food ingredients or supplements.

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